ADE Industrial is an Irish company providing industrial Air and Oil filtration, separation and purification needs of companies nationally.
ADE Industrial supplies a wide range of products and services to industries such as: Power Generation, Marine and Offshore, Transportaion and Industrial Manufacturing sectors. Our products are used to efficiently remove particulate and solid contaminates from a range of gases and fluids. We also supply Industrial Oils and Cable Fluid Oils

ADE Industrial distributes many world-leading brands of industrial components throughout Ireland. The Company offers quality products, excellent service and technical expertise. This combination of quality, excellence and expertise has made us a market leader for the past fifty years.

As well as being a leader in the industrial field ADE Industrial also offers an impressive range of other products for industrial applications, including breathing air filtration and hand cleaning products.

We complement our outstanding product portfolio with first class customer service covering:

  • Prompt and efficient delivery service nationwide
  • Extensive stocks held locally
  • 24 Hour—7 day a week on-line ordering facility
  • Expert technical back-up and support
  • A knowledgeable and experienced staff team
  • Customer training facilities and programmes
  • ISO quality accredited service

ADE Industrial is the perfect partner for your business, both now and in the future. It has the highest quality products available, supports them with an excellent service and takes a flexible, progressive approach to a constantly changing market.

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